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Up and Down Hairstyle with Weave: How to Get this Hairstyle

Oct 17,2023 | OhMyPretty


If you feel that quick weave or sew-in hair extension is heavy, and not realistic enough, then you can try this up and down hairstyle with weave, solves the problem of wearing a heavy wig, while also achieving the maximum degree of natural appearance is a hairstyle worth trying.

What is a hair weave?

Hair weave is a method of hair extensions. Hair weave is divided into two types, a quick weave that uses glue and a sew-in hair extension that uses sewing to switch between the two methods, both of which have their pros and cons, and are ways we use bundles of hair extensions and create the hairstyle ourselves.

Usually, we will buy some bundles, and then put the wig cap on the head, and then stick the bundles one by one on the wig cap, so as to create a hair cover similar to the wig, this method is called quick weave.

Another method is to put a wig cap on a mannequin head, and then sew one piece of bundle to the hair cap. This method is called sew-in hair extensions, and both of these methods are ways that we can quickly change the shape, known as hair weave.Many women braid their hair  to achieve the desired texture and look while  looking natural. The standard hairstyle is a half-up, half-down wig. In this way, half of your head is covered from the middle down, leaving your natural hair in the bangs for styling. This method adds volume and length to the back of your head. You can go to your local hair salon and have your hair braided half up and half down. The equipment and training needed for this hair growth method is already in place. However, if you want to braid your hair  yourself, this guide is for you.

What is up and down hairstyle with weave

The up and down hairstyle with weave is a hairstyle composed of half hair extensions, without whole head extensions, tying up the natural hair of the upper part, and then hair extensions on the lower part of the hair.

This method of hair extensions not only avoids excessive weight burden on the scalp but also completes the look well. The above hair retains its own natural hair, so it will look particularly natural from the appearance, the lower part of the hair is the method of hair extensions, because of the cover of the upper part of the hair, the defects of the lower part of the hair extensions will become very hidden, so it is a very perfect hair extension.

How to make a up and down hairstyle with weave

  1. Start with a clean hair.
  2. Divide your hair into two parts. The top part is for the ponytail and the back part is for the braid.
  3. Braid the back section of your hair so that it lies flat against your head.
  4. Secure the braid with pins.
  5. Use hairspray or holding spray to secure the braids and prevent them from falling apart.
  6. Wear two hair caps to protect your hair from glue and create a smooth surface.
  7. Measure the length and place it on top of the braid. Make sure they are close to each other. This creates a seamless look.
  8. Use guidelines to determine where the truck should stop and start. Be careful not to apply weave directly to your natural hair at this point.
  9. Continue inserting the rails as instructed until the end.
  10. Once the weave is applied, your hair should look smooth and flat.
  11. Style the ponytail as desired. You can leave it straight or curl it for more volume and texture.
  12. Make sure the weave blends with your natural hair for a seamless look.

4 up and down hairstyle with weave

1. Half high ponytail hairstyle


The uniqueness of this up and down hairstyle

This is a very natural and elegant hairstyle. The whole is a straight hair, with some slightly wavy hair style, you can on the basis of the primary hair, plus some straight hair extensions, so that the lower part of the hair looks very full, and then on the basis of straight hair with a curling iron to make some slight arc, so that the hair looks not so stiff and rigid is a very simple, But with a little design.

How to get this up and down hairstyle with weave

  • First, shape the top half into a ponytail.
  • The lower part is braided, hair extensions, pay attention to the use of straight hair braid
  • After finishing, use a curling iron to create a slight curve at the end of the top half of the ponytail and the bottom half of the hair.

2. Curly Hair High Bun Up and Down Hairstyle


The uniqueness of this half up half down hairstyles with weave

This hairstyle will make you look cool and full, and the top half of the hair will make your hair very unique, and the design of the high hair will be a highlight of your hair, if you do not put the hair up, the whole hair may be very fluffy and messy, the top hair will make the whole hair look clean and neat.

How to get this up and down hairstyle with weave

  • Tie the top half of your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Get extensions on the lower half of your hair, and the number of extensions depends on the thickness of the hair you want.
  • Then put the top half of your hair on top of your head.

3. Chicken Tail Up and Down Hairstyle


The uniqueness of this half up half down weave

Chicken tail hairstyle is a hairstyle that can highlight femininity. This hairstyle is more suitable for attending banquets or attending activities. It will make you look very delicate.

How to get this up and down hairstyle with weave

  • First, divide the hair into the upper and lower sections.
  • The bottom half of the hair is for hair extensions, hair extensions are best to choose straight hair.
  • Then work on the top half of your hair by creating the bangs you want on your forehead, either in a center part or a diagonal part, and tying the rest of your hair into left and right ponytails.
  • Place the right ponytail sideways to the right, leaving a certain amount of broken hair, arrange the hair, and then use a clip to secure the hair from the back, so as to form a chicken tail shape.

4. High Ponytail Up and Down Hairstyle with Braids


The uniqueness of this half up half down with weave

This hair is characterized by a very smart, and very neat overall can choose curls to create a long and fluffy curly state, and then the top part of the braid to create a neat feeling, but also will appear very small head.

How to get this half braids half weave

  • How to get this up and down hairstyle with weave
  • Start by dividing your hair into upper and lower sections.
  • Under the hair to get hair extensions.
  • The top hair is braided first, in any way you like.
  • After braiding the hair, tie the rest of the hair into a high ponytail to cover the bottom half of the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How to remove glued hair weave?

Apply the oil to your hair extensions by spraying or using your fingers. Cover your hair for an hour. Rub the weft from your hair. Gently pull the hair out of the cap. Apply the oil directly to the hair cap again and massage until it slides off. 

2.  How long can a half up half down weave last?

If you're careful with your braids, a half-up, half-down hairstyle with braids can last up to two months. Extensions require different care than real hair. 

3.  Can I wash my hair with the weave?

For sewn-in fabrics, there is no problem if you wash them every 7 days. However, hair extensions don't stick very well because glued hair extensions don't get wet and the glue can wash away.

Final words

Up down hairstyle weave is very suitable for everyday hair style is very simple, and the shape is varied, you can use any rule of law hair to change, and then create any hairstyle you like. If you also like this style, you can check out the high-quality braids at the OhMyPretty store.