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27 Hair Color: Everything You Wanted to Know

Nov 15,2023 | OhMyPretty


What color wig is the most worth buying, has always been the most tangled problem, today for you to introduce the 27 hair color in detail. This is a very bright wig color that shows off your vitality, and it is also very versatile.

What color is 27 hair color

27 hair color is a blonde color with honey tones. Color 27 belongs to the blonde series, which is a kind of blonde color. It adds honey tone to the blonde color to make the it looks darker. Therefore, color 27 hair is also called "honey blonde".


The changed color of blonde is more versatile, so that it can meet the needs of more scenes. In the past, blonde wigs were considered difficult to pull off, especially for black girls, and the bright, very light colors meant you had to have perfect makeup to pull them off. The changed #27 hair color is more relaxed and darker than the original color, which can be easily worn by all girls.

27 and 30 hair color, what's the difference

The main difference between 27 and 30 hair color is that they are different colors system, 27 is blonde system, 30 is brown system. Color 30 is a medium auburn brown, although they look similar in appearance, they can be clearly distinguished in essence. In addition, 27 and 30 colors also have the following differences:


- The color system is different: color 27 belongs to the blonde system, color 30 belongs to the brown system.

- Different degree of brightness: the color of No. 27 is a deformation of blonde color, and its color will be brighter. Color No. 30 is a relatively dark hue because it belongs to the brown system.

- Suitable for different styles: Color 27 is suitable for when you want to create a bright, fashionable hairstyle, cannot be worn in formal occasions. 30 color is relatively low-key, is a common daily hair color, can be worn as a daily wig.

Hair color 27 and 30: what are the similarities

Hair color 27 and 30 are similar in that they are similar in color, both belong to the hot fall hair color, and look somewhat similar in appearance.


Hair color 27 is blonde, and color 30 is brown, but they are mostly belonging to the yellow system, two branches of the yellow series, one blonde, the other brown. Many people cannot distinguish these two colors well, in fact, their similarities are obvious, but the difference is more obvious, so it is better to distinguish.

Should you try 27 hair color?

Among the girls who chose to buy colored wigs, 70% of the girls chose color 27. Blonde color has always been a popular color because it's so bright and flattering to our skin. However, with the sale of the color 27 in the market, the color 27 has made blonde wigs more popular, and some of the girls who were afraid to try blonde wigs before have also bought the color 27. After most people have proven that the color 27 is indeed better to wear. It neutralizes the blonde, making the colors less sharp and making the tones more suitable for most people. So, color 27 is definitely worth trying.

#27 hair color wig hairstyle recommendation

27 hair color



Color 27 itself is a great color to help you improve your appearance. Straight autumn and winter season, color 27 belongs to the warm color system, wearing this color wig will make you look very warm on the outside, is a good choice.

27 braiding hair



A size 27 braid is a very fashionable look. By braiding on top of the original wig, you can get a great blonde braid look. After the braid is completed, it can be made into a high ponytail shape, which is also very unique.

1b 27 hair color



1b is what we usually call natural hair color, this combination of 1b and 27 color can create a very perfect gradient color, black and gold matching is always the most perfect, because they can form a strong color contrast, so that the hair looks very design. You can choose from top to bottom ombre or highlights.

27 30 hair color



Highlights in colors 27 and 30 are a combination of two similar colors, resulting in an overall brown tone. The overall color contrast of the two colors is not very strong, and it is a hair color that can perfectly integrate the two colors.

Final words

Color 27 is a very bright but not exaggerated color, if you want to make some changes in the appearance, and a significant change, choose 27 color. OhMyPretty Wig provides you with the highest quality wigs, ensuring 100% human hair, even light color wear and go wigs will not look dry and frizzy, welcome to try.