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613 Hair Color: Detailed Introduction of Human Hair Wig Color

Feb 22,2024 | OhMyPretty


613 hair shadeation is a completely unique shadeation of coloured wigs, vivid hues can will let you right away attention on everyone's eyes, whether or not it's miles for events or vacations, is the maximum famous preference of favor girls. Next, let's take a complete learn about this wig.

What is 613 Hair Color

613 hair color refers to a specific colouration of blonde hair. It is a completely slight, almost platinum blonde color. This is a completely slight color, despite the fact that now now not an normal hair color, but assist you to stand out in any situation. If you are very fashion-conscious, the 613 blonde wig will genuinely play the maximum essential feature in your hands.


613 blonde wigs can be used for an entire lot of features and occasions. It can play a one of a kind position in one of a kind occasions, due to the fact the wig is product of 100% human hair, you may additionally use warmness styling equipment to form the wig, whether or not it's miles instantly or curly hair, you may play the equal impact as your herbal hair. The care of coloured wigs is likewise very convenient, easy cleansing and care can maintain the wig for 2 years.

What Kind of 613 Hair Can I Get in OhMyPretty Store

There are many specific types of 613 wigs withinside the OhMyPretty store, and differing types might also additionally have effective versions in price. All 613 wigs have the equal hair, 100% human virgin hair, confident to be easy and silky. The pleasant difference is the part of the wig cap, the dimensions of the lace region will be specific, and the treatment of the lace side will be specific, so the following three essential types of 613 wigs are formed. 

1. 4×4 lace closure wig, 4×6 lace closure wig


The wig features a lace closure at the front, which is made of a clear, breathable material that mimics the look of the scalp. The size of lace is generally small, a 4 x 4inch or 4 x 6inch shape, which can make the hairline look natural when wearing a wig.

2. 13×4 lace frontal wig, 13×6 lace frontal wig


The wig is characterized via a lace frontal withinside the front, the lace vicinity is normally distinctly large, is a 13×4inch or 13×6inch shape, lace frontal lets in plenty of styling options. Since lace has a larger vicinity than lace closure, it lets in you to cut up your hair in top notch commands and placed on it in top notch styles, developing plenty of seems without revealing the wig base. The lace closure offers a persevering with combination collectively in conjunction with your natural hairline, and the large vicinity of lace gives the wig better air go with the drift and breathability, making the wig more cushty to place on.

3. Glueless 4×6 lace closure wig


The glueless wear and go wigs are the maximum handy and rapid to wear, and it does now no longer require the usage of glue. The cap is equipped with a integrated adjustable band that attaches on your herbal hair to offer more protection and save you the wig from transferring or sliding. Glueless wigs are regularly designed with a cap shape that permits airflow and ventilation, selling a cushty carrying enjoy and decreasing scalp irritation. The glueless wig may be set up in three seconds and is simple to disassemble. That`s why maximum human beings now choose the 613 glueless wig.

OhMyPretty 613 Hair Color Wig

613 hair wig details


613 wig curls hair style


613 wig straight hair style


Final words

As you can see from the video above, the 613 wig can be used for a variety of purposes, at the same time, it can also be a variety of styling, if you have decided that you want to buy a 613 wig, welcome to ohmypretty to choose the highest quality products.