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A Detailed Guide on How to Wash Curly Lace Front Wigs

May 30,2023 | OhMyPretty

How to wash curly lace front wigs may be a terrible thing for a wig beginner. Whether you perm in the barbershop or wear a curly wig, how to keep the curl on your head is a puzzling problem for most people. Actually, washing curly lace front wigs and caring them always be curl is not a complicated thing. Just follow the following step that you can make your tanglesome hair as good as new.

How to wash curly lace front wigs


If you find your wig easy to knot, tarnish, and difficult to style on the hair, this is the signal that you should wash the wig. But, can I wash curly lace front wigs just like normal wigs? How to wash the curly lace front wigs can make sure the wig is still glossy and springy after washing? Here is the answer on how to wash curly lace front wigs.

Before you wash your curly lace front wigs

Make sure the wig has no knots. You can use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the hair in advance and this will reduce the risk of getting tousle.

Prepared the tools that should be used when washing the wig. This will help you wash wigs more efficiently.

Wash the curly lace front wigs outdoors, and stay away from windy areas. The strong wind will make the curly lace front wigs get tousle.

Tools to be prepared to wash curly lace front wigs

  • Bucket
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Conditioner
  • Mist
  • Paddle brush

Detailed procedure 

  1. Shampoo in a bucket with hot tap water

You should squeeze the shampoo in the bucket directly and run the faucet into warm water, stir the shampoo well, and fill a bucket with enough water to soak the wig. Don’t put the shampoo on the wig and rub it rudely. This will cause large hair loss and make the wig frizzy.

This operation is also likely to prevent the shampoo from fully dissolving, prone to clumps, and then residue on the wig. Instead, putting the curly wig in foam water, where the shampoo has been mixed well, ensures that the wig is thoroughly cleaned without damaging its original shape.




  1. Dip the wig in the bucket

Put the wig in the bucket and make sure that every hair can be cleaned with the shampoo water. You can hold the wig up and down, to make sure the wig is sock in the water. In this process, the dirty impurity and oil that attach to the wig cap can be washed clean easily. When this step is finished, you can see the water is very dirty. One thing should notice is that the shampoo you used to clean is low PH and alcohol-free.



  1. Toothbrush to clean lace

When we wear a wig, the area most likely to get dirty is the lace wig cap. Our head produces a lot of oil and sweat every day, so you must clean it in time. You can use a toothbrush to clean the lace, but make sure it's a soft brush and will not cause harm to the wig. The lace of the wig is thin and fragile, a hard brush will cause harm to the soft lace and can easily make the wig wear out.


  1. Rinse the wig

When the wig is finished cleaning, you should rinse the wig and make sure there is no shampoo on the wig.

  1. Conditioner with cold water and dip wig in

You can do this step follow step 1. Put the conditioner in the bucket and run cold water in the bucket. Stir well to allow the conditioner to dissolve completely in the water. The conditioner is different from the shampoo, shampoo is to help you clean the wig to make sure the impurity on the wig is cleaned out. The conditioner is used to help your hair rehydrate and make the hair smoother. So, generally, the conditioner should stay several minutes on the wigs. So, you need to time it on your phone for five minutes and let the conditioner go deep into the wig. Let wigs sit for at least 5 minutes.


  1. Leave in conditioner

Put leave-in conditioner on the hand and smear it on the wig, you can also use mist, this is to make the wig more stylish.


  1. Brush through with a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb

Brush the wig using a paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb. After you clean out your wig, the hair is not neat and tidy in this condition, you should untangle the hair using a comb to make its curls looks neater. When this step is finished, you will see that you've got what you want: the wig is really tidy and stylish. And the curls on the hair are bouncy and springy.


  1. Dry the wig

Put the wig on the mannequin head and untangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb, and then let the wig dry in the air. Don’t use the hair dryer, that will let the hair lose moisture.




How to take care of curly lace front wigs

Wig maintains not only needed after washing a wig but also need in everyday wear. If you take care of the wig in time, the wig will be always neat and glossy, and the correct wash methods and care can prolong the service life. So, how to take care of the wig? How to maintain my wigs? These are frequently questions that people like to ask.

Brush the wig using a wide-tooth comb gently, don’t brush the wig use the normal comb that you used on your head, use a wide-tooth comb instead. The hair rule of the comb that you used is very thin, which can cause hair loss easily. You can comb the wig every day, can prevent hair loss and knots, and keep the wig silky and soft.

Final words


Cleaning and caring for curly lace front wig may have been a headache before, but now you know the right methods and steps to help you protect your wig while making it shine, shine, and extend the life of your wig.