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All Questions Frequently Asked about Curly Lace Front Wigs

Apr 26,2023 | OhMyPretty

Wigs are becoming more and more popular, accompanied by the problems about wigs are more and more, today we will sort out some of you often asked about curly lace frontal wig, to help you solve the doubts, you can better wear wigs. Questions include wig care, installation, styling, and anything else you want to know about the wig.

Why a curly lace front wig


The lace front wig was chosen because it has many advantages. First of all, lace front wig is very comfortable to wear. It is made of the thinnest material and has enough air holes to ensure that it will not be stuffy in summer. The existence of wig is very weak, and you wear it on your head just like your own hair. Secondly, this kind of wig is very cheap, and the cost of lace is generally relatively high, so you can choose this kind of wig with only a part of lace. Although there is only a small piece of lace, the exposed part can be guaranteed to be real and natural, so that you can buy the wig with the best wearing effect at the lowest price. Finally, the wig is very real. The lace part is completely handmade and the hair is embedded one strand at a time, which completely simulates human scalp. Besides, the hairline is pre-plucked, and all details are handled perfectly. Also, most people's hair is usually straight, so if you want a nice curly hair, you have to get a perm. This is why most people choose curly lace front wig.

Q&A about curly lace front wig


Q: How long do curly lace front wig last?

A: Usually, it is 1 to 2 years. How long a wig lasts depends on how often you wear it and how well you care for it. If you follow the instructions every step of the way and take good care of your wig, it should last for two to three years. Even if we get our own perms, the curls only last two years at most, and you need to wash your hair frequently, so the curls disappear faster, so it's a good deal, and even if the curls do disappear, you can use a curling iron to style the wig by yourself.

Q: Can you straighten a curly lace front wig?

A: If you're not going to have curly hair and want to make it straight, you can do that, otherwise don't try, because there's an expiration date on how curly a wig can be. At first, it may not matter if you straighten the curls and wash the hair to make them curly again, but if you don't do this over a long period of time, it will greatly reduce the texture of the wig, making it rough and frizzy. Chances are it will never be the same after a few times. If you like straight hair, you can buy a straight wig. Straight hair can be curled with a curling iron so you can have two looks at the same time.

Q: What do you need to know before buying a wig?

A: First of all, to see whether the wig is real hair or synthetic hair, now most people in order to pursue the most real wig wearing effect, generally choose real human hair. Human hair is created by collecting the hair that we grow from real people to give the appearance of real hair. If you choose synthetic hair, it will look very frizzy and not as smooth and shiny as our own hair. Secondly, to see whether it is 100% real human hair, some businesses in the pursuit of high profits, will sell bad hair as good, or in the real hair doping some synthetic hair, so that you are difficult to detect, before buying a wig must ask this point. Finally, see if it is pre-plucked hairline, if not, you need to deal with it by yourself, which will be a great challenge for the novice.

Q: How to maintain curly lace front wig?

A: First of all, you should brush it regularly. Curly wig is not like straight hair. You can wear it casually and then gently brush it with a wide tooth comb. Curly hair will be relatively easy to mess up, because their texture itself is not neat and irregular, the wind will be easy to knot, so you have to do is timely dredge. Secondly, when cleaning the wig, special shampoo and conditioner should be used to ensure low PH value, no alcohol, will not cause irritation to the wig. Finally, to be properly preserved, wigs are generally relatively easy to produce static electricity, when not wearing, as far as possible to put the wig, in the place of touch.

Q: How do you make a curly lace front wig look wet all day?

A: The wet look makes your hair look very neat and gives a strong layer. First, you need to spray all of your hair and texture it to make sure there are no tangles. Then apply essential oil to the ends of your hair, then apply gel evenly to your hair and you're done. If you want, you can apply mousse.

Q: How to install curly lace front wig

A: If you buy a glueless wig, just wear it on your head. If you feel that this is still a bit unreal, you can either trim the lace edge or apply some liquid foundation to the lace to achieve the most realistic effect. If you're buying a glue wig, you'll need to do two more steps than a glueless wig: glue and trim the lace. These two steps are also relatively simple, wearing a wig is not as complicated as you think, guaranteed that you can learn quickly.

Q: How to store a curly lace front wig?

A: If you buy a glueless wig, you can take it off every day, wrap it in a hairnet, and leave it somewhere you won't touch it. If you buy a lace wig that requires glue, you usually need to sleep in your wig. You can wrap it in one of our complimentary silk hair caps and go to bed. Silk reduces friction, helps prevent tangles and frizz, and protects hair from moisture loss.

Q: Why is my curly lace front wig so dry?

A: Generally speaking, our scalp is constantly producing oil and nutrients to nourish our hair, but the wig has been cut from the head, drying is inevitable. But as long as we care, there will be no big difference. In daily care, to timely comb to prevent knots, do not use a hair dryer after cleaning, let the wig dry naturally. If you find your wig extremely dry, treat it with essential oils or a deep conditioner to prevent it from drying out.

Final words

These are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about curly lace front wigs. You may have had a lot of questions before, but you've already found the answers. If you have no questions, visit ohmypretty wig to find a wig that suits you!