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Curly Edges Wig: Why is it So Natural

Jul 12,2023 | OhMyPretty


The curly edges wig can be the most natural and realistic wig. Because it is the natural baby hair alongside the wig hairline which can give you the most natural wig-wearing experience if you want to know more about the natural edges wig, read on.

What is natural edges wig?

The natural edges wig is a wig that comes with natural baby hair made of real human kinky curly hair, which is very suitable to the black woman’s natural hairline. The short and thin hairline can help you create the most natural hair edges. If you wear the natural curly wig on your head, it will be invisible, and just like grow on your head.

4c edges wig


4c edges wig is made of a real human’s kinky curly baby hair, the hair made of the edges is soft and short, and the density of the hair is relatively sparse. The villus on the wig edges are just like your own baby hair, and the curl of the 4c edges wig is small, which is very close to the human natural hair.

5c edges wig


5c edges wig is a new curly edges wig the curl of the wig is longer and larger than the 4c edges wig. The edges of the 5c edges wig are also made of real human natural hair, but the difference is the 5c edges suit the girl who wants to have longer baby hair. And the 5c edges will make your hairline much more natural and you can wear the wig directly without any other processing needed.

The features of natural edges wig



The advanced design offers your security. The curly edges wig can be really glueless, which is not need glue, gel, and any other tools. The lace is pre-cut and the hair knots are pre-bleached. You can wear it and go directly, the natural edges with natural hairline, you don’t need to make a baby hair by yourself after you install the wig. This can be very convenient and fast, at the same time, it is very natural and invisible. Because the design of glueless, you can wear it or take off it any time, and you won’t feel fluffy even in the hot summer.

Curly baby hair

The wig comes with curly baby hair, which is made of real human kinky curly hair. The hairline wholly simulates your natural hairline and the density and the length of the baby hair are after multiple tests, you can get the best wearing effect by wearing these curly edges wigs.

Bleached knots

Wig knots will influence the degree of truth and the wig will be not invisible when you wear it on your head without any process. Most people will bleach the wig cap themselves but this is difficult for a wig beginner, so the bleached knots wig is your best choice. If you want to save time, save money, you can buy the natural edges wig directly.

Final words

If you like the wig with natural baby hair, pre-bleached knots, and pre-cut lace and really glueless, you can choose this curly edges wig, and if you want to find more product that suit you, click