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What Does Doja Cat Natural Hair Look Like

Nov 22,2023 | OhMyPretty


Doja Cat is a very popular singer, and her hair has always been a concern. Doja Cat's look is very changeable, and she is always trying to change different looks. In her performances or events, various styles have made the public curious about her hair. Many people wonder if her hair is natural or she is wearing a wig. Today we will find out.

What does Doja Cat natural hair look?

Doja Cat's natural hair is naturally curly, but she wears a wig most of the time. She currently has a buzz cut, but even with a buzz cut, she dyes her hair a variety of colors, like blonde or pink.


She often wears a wig and often changes her hair, so in front of the public she basically wears a wig, and you can see her in various colors and styles of hair. She now wears her hair without a wig, and in interviews and on social media, she has mentioned that she prefers wearing wigs and experimenting with different looks. The video, which Doja Cat posted on social media, shows her washing her hair and what appears in the video is her natural hair. You can see that her natural hair is black and naturally curly, which is different from what we normally see.

What nationality is Doja Cat from

Doja Cat is of South African and Jewish American descent. Her father is South African and her mother is of Jewish American and Northern Irish descent. She was born and raised in the United States.

Why does Doja Cat shave her head and eyebrows

Doja Cat shaved her head and her eyebrows because she felt it suited her own style and her personal tastes. She has stated in several interviews that she rarely shows her natural hair and often wears wigs for her work. She decided to shave her head because she wasn't happy with her long hair. Similarly, she may think that shaving her eyebrows also suits her fashion style or her personal taste. This is a personal choice and way of expression to show their individuality and uniqueness.

Does Doja Cat wear a wig

The answer is yes, but the shape of Doja Cat is different at different times, we have to judge according to the stage. For example, earlier Doja Cat did wear a wig, and the various hairstyles and hair colors you see are all achieved by wearing a wig. Now Doja Cat does not wear a wig, because she now wears a buzz cut, which is her own natural hair, including her hair now also has a variety of hair colors, which she dyes in her own hair, rather than wearing a wig.

Did Doja Cat have pink hair

Doja Cat was not born with pink hair, her pink hair style is achieved by wearing a pink wig, her natural hair is black, and has natural curls.

Doja Cat wigs

Doja Cat pink wig



Pink is Doja Cat's favorite wig color. Pink wigs are so stylish. But this hair color is also the most pick people, not only pick skin color, but also particularly pick temperament. If you can't wear a particularly dramatic color because of work and school, then a pink wig is a good choice, allowing you to change your hair color quickly when you want to, without hurting your hair.

Doja Cat curly hair


Curly hair is also a regular wig hairstyle worn by Doja Cat. Curly hair is less flattering than straight hair. Because straight hair fits the face, it is easy to highlight the facial line and expose the face shape problem, while curly hair can play a role in weakening the modification. Curly hair has many advantages, such as the ability to show a lot of hair, and the volume created by curly hair makes you look like you have a full head of hair, which is more beautiful.

Doja Cat blonde wig



Blonde is a very stylish color and Doja Cat's favorite hair color. This color is not only the hairstylist's grasp of the color is relatively high, such as the color of the shade, purity, level, etc., to dye your hair may turn over, wearing a wig can be a good way to avoid this problem.

Doja Cat natural black wigs


Black hair with straight hair is the most age reduction, suitable for girls with big face round face, hair style is very natural to bring a fresh feeling. Black hair is also the most infallible color for any occasion.

Final words

Doja Cat's hairstyle is changeable, and she wears wear and go wigs to achieve the need for frequent changes in her look. The advantages of wigs are very many, can help us create fashion styling at the same time, but also very save time.