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How Long Does a Wig Install Last for Wig Beginners

Jul 19,2023 | OhMyPretty


How long does a wig install last, this is an important question for wig beginners. If you are just touched the wig or you haven’t chosen a wig, you may want to know some common questions about wig installation, in this post, you will get the answer.

How long does a glued wig install last

How long can a glued wig install last

Commonly, a glued wig install can last for 1-3 weeks. If you are familiar with wearing a wig and you are looking for a wig that can allow you to change it not frequently, this wig is your best choice. it can not only firmly stick on your head but also can give you the most natural look.


Glued lace frontal wig installs

The glued lace wig installation is not difficult but it needs some skills actually. The tools you need to prepare are a wig, glue, a wide-tooth comb, a wig cap, and that’s enough. The wig install may cost you 10-30 mins, and the wig install time is decided according to your proficiency. At the beginning, you may cost 30mins but after your day-by-day practice, you will master the wig install skill in a short time.

The wig installation process is very easy, you can watch this video and learn from the influencer step by step. You have to follow the tutorial every step of the way so that you can install your wig perfectly.

How long does a glueless wig install last

How long can a glueless wig install last

A glueless wig install last time is decided by yourself. The glueless wig is a wig that with natural pre-plucked hairline and pre-cut extra lace, so the wig can be worn and taken off easily, and you can wear and go within 3 seconds. So, there is no need for you to wear a wig to sleep. Just put on the glueless wig in the morning and take off it after you go home. Therefore, the wig install last time is decided by yourself.


Glueless lace closure wig installs

The installation tutorials for the glueless wig are much easier than the glued wig. So, you can muster it quickly only after watching the following videos. You do not need other any tools, or glue and even need no skills. Just one wig can help you achieve the outlook change.

How to wear glueless wear and go wigs to make it not easy to fall off?

1. Adjust to a suitable size

The proper wig size is the most important element to prevent the wig fall off. Wearing a right-size wig can prolong the wig last time. Commonly, a glueless wig’s cap circumference is 22.5 inches, and there is an adjustable elastic band inside the wig to allow you to adjust the size according to your head circumference

2. Wearing a wig cap

A wig cap can help you cover the real hair and can make the wig install looks more natural. If you don’t wear a wig cap, your real hair may easily expose to the outside, and your head will look very big because you didn't fix the hair.

3. Clean the wig cap in time

We easily sweat especially in the hot summer, and at this time, the wig easily falls off because a lot of grease attached to the wig cap will make the wig become slippery. So, you should clean the wig cap in time to prevent the wig slip.


Final words

Now you know the answer to that how long does a wig install last of the different types of wigs, the wig needs glue can last for 1-3 weeks, and the glueless last time is decided by yourself. In the hot summer, the glueless is very convenient to wear, but if you want the wig to stick to your head, you can choose the glued wig.