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Our Top Choice — the Most Natural Lace Frontal Wig

May 06,2023 | OhMyPretty

If you want to buy the most natural wig, that is a lace front wig. The lace front wig is made of high-quality HD lace material, 100% human hair, and a pre-plucked hairline, I’m sure it’s the wig that can give you the best wear effect and the most natural experience. Today I’ll introduce several lace frontal wigs for you, keep reading.   

What is a lace frontal wig?

The lace frontal wig is a wig that uses lace and canvas as raw material to create an integrated wig cap and the hair of the wig is 100% human hair. The lace front wig can bring you the most smooth and silky wearing effect and make you look gorgeous and shining. The advantage of this wig is that it is very natural and cheap, which is become the first choice of the most beautiful woman. We all know that the lace wig has many tiny holes in the material itself, it is very ventilated and close to our human’s natural scalp. So, it is very natural to wear this kind of wig and you can achieve the best effect and get a beautiful appearance. If you don’t know which type of wig is suit you, you can get a lace frontal wig.

Why did we choose a lace frontal wig?

Of course, we choose the lace frontal wig because of its advantages. First of all, this kind of wig can be side to be the highest cost-effective wig in all types of wigs. The price of the lace frontal wig is very cheap, it doesn’t like the full lace wig, which needs to cost much manual labor force. Only the front part has the lace, so it is relatively cheap among the other wigs.

Moreover, the lace frontal wig is comfortable and it is without any sense when we wear it. The lace of the wig is very thin and the suit will our skin, we won’t feel stuffiness when we wear the wig even in the summer. And the canvas is made of high-quality material and it is breathable. The wig cap of the lace frontal wig is compared with the lace part and the canvas part, which is very stable and firm. You do not need to worry about whether the wig will fall off or not, it can’t influence normal life even if you wear a wig.

The lace frontal wig is also very invisible and natural, the hairline of the wig is all made of high-quality HD lace, and it can wrap from your whole hairline to your ear. The place that exposes on the outside is covered by the lace, if you buy a wig that needs glue, just glue the hairline to make sure the lace is stuck to your skin, it will look very natural and realistic. If you buy a wig that does not need glue, you can put on the wig directly and the lace part of the wig will bend with your own skin immediately. If you are worried about whether it is really natural, you can smear some foundation that you use in your daily life to the lace of the wig, and the color of the lace will be similar to your skin.  

6 the most natural lace frontal wig

Now, you already know the characteristics and benefits of the lace frontal wig. Do you want to buy a beautiful wig for yourself? I’ll introduce 6 of the most natural lace frontal wig for you and you can choose your favorite wig to buy. The different kinds of wigs have different colors and textures, you can choose them according to your preference, the color of the pupil, the skin tone, and the shape of the face.

1.Water wave lace frontal wig

With pre-plucked edges, create a most natural hairline, the hair density is more and more sparse from inside to out, completely simulating the real human natural hairline. It’s a high-quality human hair wig for Women. And the texture of lace frontal wig is water wave, its curl is very small and styled with layers. The curl is bigger than kinky curly and smaller than the body wave, just like a water ripple smooth and beautiful. About the specification, the lace has HD lace and transparent lace for you to choose from.

2.Burgundy kinky curly lace frontal wig

The color of this wig is Burgundy, most people’s first choice in colored wigs. It’s low-key and not swanking, but it can feature your beautiful appearance and personality. The wig has pre-plucked edges, creating a natural hairline. The size of the lace frontal wig is 13×4, the hair is curly and made of 100% human natural hair.

3.Black root burgundy #99J straight lace frontal wig

The Burgundy straight lace frontal wig is a trendy skunk stripe hairstyle, combined with pink and burgundy. The color of the wig is very chic, which can give you a most gorgeous dress-up. And the straight human hair wig can be curled as you like, which means you can get many different styles if you buy a straight wig.

4.Body wave human hair lace frontal wig

The texture of this wig is a body wave, a sexy curl with bright black human natural hair. The wave of the wig is very big and bouncy, suit for a girl with high height and a long face. And the lace size of the wig is 13×6, it can wrap your whole hairline to your ear, so you don’t need to worry about the wig will not natural and realistic. The hair of the wig is 100% human virgin hair, pre-plucked natural hairline, go ahead and buy!

5.Blonde kinky curly lace frontal wig

Every girl must want to have bushy and shining blonde hair. Our hair naturally is black, we’ll want to try some different in our daily life. Maybe your friend and colleague are all accustomed to your changeless style. You can change your appearance someday and make a surprise for your friends, and the blonde lace frontal wig is the best choice. This color can create an obvious contrast to your own black hair, and you’ll stand out from the crowd. The hair of the lace frontal wig can be dyed and bleached; you can change your style anytime.

6.Straight lace frontal wig

A silky straight human hair wig can be your first choice when you buy the lace frontal wig. Why? Because it’s easy to take care of and you don’t need to smear morse and hair spray to keep the curl of the wig neat and layer. And you can style the wig in any shape you want. If you want it be straight again, just wash it with cool water and dry it in the natural air.

Final words

Today I introduce 6 the most natural lace frontal wig that suits beginners. It must have one type you want to buy. Now, check out the and you can choose a beautiful wig suit for you.