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OhMyPretty Wig Customer Reviews Help You Pick Pre cut Lace Wigs

Jul 06,2023 | OhMyPretty


Customer reviews always can give you the most authentic display of hair quality, hair texture, and so on. So, if you want to buy something, you will look at the customer reviews about the product first. No matter how beautiful the model presentation of the wig, the real product must be the first consideration of the consumer.

What are pre-cut lace wigs?

The pre-cut lace wig is also called reday to wear wig. The lace of the pre-cut lace wig has been pre-cut and the natural hairline is in a zigzag shape, which can save you a lot of energy and time and can melt your skin better. 

First, the lace edges of the wig are pre-cut. There is no extra lace at the front of the head so you can wear the wig directly. When you get a pre-cut lace wig, you can put it on your head without any management. The wig is a finished product and you can wear it directly just like you put on a wig on the head.


Moreover, the lace is cut with serrated hot scissors, using this method, the lace will be indentation. This shape can help the lace better melt your natural hairline and the lace edge will not be easy to unravel. The hot scissors cut the lace into a zigzag shape, at the same time, the hot temperature will serve as a setting effect. Beyond that, our wig uses advanced lace arc compression technology, making the lace have a curvature of the downward curve. Compared to other brands of wigs, our wigs will not edge warping and give you the most realistic wearing effect.

The benefits of the pre-cut lace wigs


1. Advanced design

Although the wig is glueless, it can ensure you 100% safety when you wear it. The advanced design and the advanced high-quality material make the wig safe and comfortable. Whether you are doing sport or in windy weather, the wig will stick firmly on your scalp. Apart from the material of the wig being made of elastic canvas, there is also a adjust band inside the wig cap, the band is wide enough and it will play a very good fixing role.

2. Melt with scalp

Due to the pre-cut lace technical and the pre-plucked hairline, the pre-cut lace wig can achieve 99% invisible. The lace edge with the pre-plucked natural hairline can melt with your skin very well and the wearing effect is just like your own hair grow on your head. The lace is made of high-quality HD lace, which is the best material to use to make a wig cap, and the realistic effect of the HD lace is the best.

3. Breathable 3D dome cap

The wig cap newly upgraded 3D dome cap has better gas permeability than the old wig cap. You may think the wig cap is very stuffy because it is in the color of black. On the contrary, the wig cap can achieve 99% gas permeability, according to the real experiment by using a humidifier to let the air come across the wig cap. So, there is no need to worry about whether the wig cap will stuffy or not.

OhMyPretty wig customer reviews help you pick pre-cut lace wigs

Real customer reviews can help you more intuitive understanding of the most real side of the product. Here are some real customer reviews on Tik Tok, and these videos are loved by many people. You can see the real unboxing and the wig install methods of the ohmypretty hair and can see the real product detail in these videos. You can see many influencers on Tik Tok recommended our wig, this shows the quality of our wig is loved by most consumers.

Kinky curly pre-cut lace wig

kinky curly is a wig that can give you a very fashionable and unique temperament. Through the HD detail display, you can see the hairline of the wig is very natural and you don’t need any complex processing, just put it on your head and go.

Kinky curly wig unboxing and install



Kinky curly wig-wearing effect display


Straight glueless wig

Straight glueless lace closure wig can help you get a variety of hairstyles because the wig can be dyed and bleached. If you are tired of looking at straight hair, you can change it to any style by using the hair curler, and you can dye any color you want to the wig.

Straight wig unboxing and install


Straight wig-wearing effect display


Highlight pre-cut lace wig

If your hair color always stays black, you can try to change the hair color to glueless brown highlight lace wear and go wigs, this is a colored wig but the color is very understated. You can try this colored wig boldly.

Brown highlight wig unboxing and install


Brown highlight wig-wearing effect display


Body wave pre-cut lace wig

Body wave is a classic texture that every girl needed. It can show your gentle and charming temperament and make you shine in the crowd. In this video, the wig length is 24-inch, if you want to achieve the same effect, you can choose the same length.

Body wave wig unboxing and install


Body wave wig-wearing effect display


Water wave pre-cut lace wig

This is a wig that can show you rich hair volume, the curl of the water wave wig is irregular and you can get a very natural and free hairstyle by wearing this wig. The length of the video is 16-inch, it’s the middle length of the wig, and the hairstyle is very cute, suit for everyday wear.

Water wave wig unboxing and install


Water wave wig-wearing effect display


Final words

After looking at all of these videos, you may have the wig that you like, you can click the link in the post to buy the wig you like or go to our store:ohmypretty wig