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Weave Length Chart: Most Detailed Reference for Choosing Hair Length

Oct 12,2023 | OhMyPretty


Many people do not know how to choose the length of weave hair, the choice of weave hair length is the same as that of human hair wigs, but different materials of hair, such as straight hair and curly hair their length is still a certain difference, if you want to buy the right length wig, the first thing you need to know is weave length chart.

Detailed hair weave length chart

Weave length chart is the most intuitive chart to show the length of a weave length, and we usually refer to weave length chart before buying a wig or weave. Through the comparison of the length, you can find the most accurate length and the most suitable size for your own, so that your shopping is more pleasant.


1. Short hair weaves: 6-12 inches

Short hair weaves are generally 6-12 inches long, equal to 15-30 centimeters. This kind of hair is usually very short.

If you take a finished wig, a 6-12inch wig is a bob wig hair, which means the length of the hair from the top to the end is 6-12 inches. But if you're shopping for weave, the weave is a little different from a regular wig. The weave refers to the length of your hair extensions. The total length depends on where you start.

2. Medium hair weaves: 14-20 inches

Medium hair weaves typically range in length from 14 to 20 inches, or about 36 to 51 centimeters. The hair in this section is medium to long hair.

Short hair and super long hair are not for everyone, in contrast, medium hair weaves are the most popular lengths. When shopping for a human hair wig or weave, almost 80 percent of women choose this length range because it gives them a different look and is easy to manage.

3. Long hair weaves: 22-28 inches

Long hair weaves are those between 22 and 28 inches in length. About 56-71 cm, suitable for girls who like long hair.

Weave hair lengths from 22 inches up can be considered long. This style of hair is for those who prefer extra-long hair, and you need to be patient to maintain it, and if you choose weave hair extensions, the hair will still have a certain weight, and your scalp needs to be healthy enough to withstand it.

Curly hair weave lengths chart

The length of the curly hair refers to the length of the hair extensions that is completely unrolled before it is curled, not the visual length after it has been shaped. If you happen to be in the market for a curly weave, but don't know how to choose the length, read on:

Body wave hair length chart

The Body wave has the largest curl of all curls, and the choice of length is relatively easy

body wave-hair-length-chart

- If you want a bob look, choose 10-12 inches hair weave.

- If you want medium hair, choose 14-18 inches hair weave.

- If you want a long hair look, choose 20-30 inches hair weave.

Deep wave length chart

Deep wave's volume is relatively small, so the size should be increased appropriately to achieve the desired effect


- If you want a bob, choose 10-14 inches hair weave.

- If you want medium long hair, choose 14-20 inches hair weave.

- If you want a long hair hairstyle, choose 22-30 inches hair weave.

Water wave hair length chart

The volume of a Water wave and a deep wave is not very different, so you can refer to the same hair length chart.


- If you want a bob hairstyle, choose 10-14 inches.

- If you want medium long hair, choose 14-20 inches hair weave.

- If you want a long hair, choose 22-30 inches.

Kinky curly hair length chart

Kinky curly curls are the smallest of all curls, and therefore the most time-consuming to style. Choose longer hair to achieve the desired effect hair weave.


- If you want a short hair look, choose 12-16 inches.

- If you want medium long hair, choose 18-22 inches hair weave.

- If you want a long hair look, choose 24-30 inches.

How to measure weave lengths

We need to judge how to measure the length according to the texture of weave hair, straight hair weave, wavy hair weave, curly hair weave to use different measurement methods, the specific measurement methods are as follows:

Tools to measure weave lengths: Tape measures, models of human heads

Requirements for measuring weave lengths: Use a tape measure, not a ruler. If you're measuring a wig, place it on a mannequin head. If you are measuring a hair weave, spread your hair out and lay it flat on a horizontal table.


Ways to measure weave lengths:

1. Straight hair weave lengths

To measure straight hair weave lengths, simply lay hair on a table, make sure it is flat and work your way through the lengths with a measuring tape

2. Wavy hair weave lengths

Wavy hair weave lengths are measured differently from the lengths of straight hair because they are naturally curly, requiring hair to be stretched and measured flat. We are measuring the original length of the hair, not the wrong measurement of the length of the hair after styling.

3. Curly hair weave lengths

Curly hair weave lengths are measured in the same way as Wavy hair weave lengths, which are stretched flat and measured from the very top to the very end to give the most accurate lengths.

Other questions about wig length chart

1. 34 inch hair chart

A 34 inches wig is about the same length as 86 centimeters. Usually, the longest length of our wig is 86 cm, if you want 34-inch-long hair, you need to customize. You can determine the length of 34 inches of hair by comparing it with another reference object using a ruler.

2. How long is 20inch hair

A 20inch hair length is approximately 51cm, which is a very popular long hair length, if you choose straight hair, you can reach a very long length, if you choose wavy or curly hair, then it is a medium length.

3. How long is 24 in hair

The length of 24inch hair is equal to about 61 centimeters, which can reach the length of the waist, and is the first choice of many girls who want long hair.

Final words

If you want to choose the length of your hair weave, you can use the weave length chart above to choose the length that suits you. If you don't know where to buy high-quality hair weave, check out ohmypretty wig.

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