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Wig Basic Knowledge: What is a 200 Density Wig

Aug 24,2023 | OhMyPretty

What is the effect of 200 density wig? If you are ready to buy a wig, wig density is an important element to consider. How can you know what is a 200 density wig? And if you buy a 200 density wig, how can you define it as really a 200 density wig? Let’s learn together.

What is a 200 Density Wig

200 Density Wig refers to a wig with a hair density of 200%. The Density of 200 Density Wig is equivalent to twice the density of ordinary wigs, and it looks very rich in appearance.

What is the wig density

Wig density is a numerical value that can help us distinguish the thickness and density of different wigs. The wigs are not always the same density, commonly, the wig density is 130%, 150%, 180%, and 250%. This percentage is measured against the average density of our normal person’s hair density. For example, the 130% density of the wig is 30% dense more than the normal people’s hair. So, wearing a wig can help you increase hair density and make your hair look healthy and thick.

Different densities of wig

The most common wig density is 130%, 150%, 180%, and 200%, of course, there also be 250%  density. Actually, most people will choose the 180% density, and people who choose the 130% density are less.

You can refer to the picture below, the practical wig density-wearing effect can be the same as the picture. The wig in 130% density looks thicker and lighter, if your wig is a straight wig, the hair will appear small in volume. And the density is only larger than your own hair, so there is no need to wear a wig, most people wearing a wig want to enhance the wig volume. So you can hardly see we sell 130% density wigs in our store.

The wig in 150% density and 180% density is the most. It is not bombastic and can show your stunning hair quality. The wig in 150% density is a little richer than your own hair. The wig in 180% density can be side to side if you are a girl with a large hair volume.

If these wig densities can’t satisfy your volume need, the 200% density wig is made for you. The volume of the 200% density is a normal excess hair volume, which can make people who pass you notice your lush hair.

There is also 250% density, but the hair volume is too large that very few girls choose this density if you are keen on the rich and exaggerated hair volume, this is your best choose.

200 density wig: weight comparison chart

You may ask if you buy a wig, how can I identify whether my wig is really in that density? This hair density and weight chart can help you test the truth of your wog density. All you need is an electronic scale and tape measure.

Only by using the table below, you can get the correct information about your wig specification. Such as you buy a 200 density wig in 30 inches, the weight of this wig must be 285g or more than 285g, otherwise, it must have been the wrong product or the store cut corners.

For the bob wig, the measurement method is different from the normal wig, if you buy a 180% density bob wig in 8 inch, the weight must be 145g or more than 145g.

How can I identify if my wig is a 200 density wig?

First, measure how long your wig is, and pay attention to using the right wig measure methods. Smooth and straighten the hair, and measure the longest distance from the beginner to the end of the hair. After that, put all your wigs on the electronic scale, to get the correct wig weight, and use these two numbers to compare with the number in the table.

All the detailed wig identification data is in the table, you can identify your wigs easily by using these data. There must be some errors when we make a wig, the wig-making process of a wig is in many complicated steps, so as long as the difference is not too much, it will be fine.

Final words


200 density wig is a popular and hot sale wig specification among all the wigs. It can show your classy and gorgeous appearance better and make your hair look large in volume, which can be the best wig for you to choose.