Pre Cut Lace Wigs

The textures of pre-cut lace wigs

-Snug Hairline fit for seamless

-3D dome cap more breathable

-Unique "C" design 0 pressure for ear

-Adjustable elastic band

-Pre-plucked natural hairline

-Pre-bleached invisible knots

-Pre-cut wavy HD lace

Why choose OhMyPretty pre-cut lace wigs

Pre-cut lace and pre-plucked

Pre-cut lace is definitely the most important design in a pre-cut lace wig, and the technology for cutting lace needs to be advanced so that the lace edge does not need glue to seamlessly blend with the scalp. At the same time, pre-plucking is also the most important step in the preliminary treatment of wigs, therefore, to judge whether a pre-cut lace wig is natural, you only need to look at two aspects, one is the technology of pre-cut lace, and the other is the technology of plucking hair.

Invisible knots

In OhMyPretty's latest wigs, all pre-cut lace wigs are made of invisible tiny knots, making wig knots more invisible than ever before, which is a great step forward in wig design and innovation, which means that you will be able to bring the most natural wig wearing experience.

Secure 3D dome cap

Pre-cut lace wig uses 3D dome cap. From the perspective of material, this kind of wig cap is very breathable, which can enhance the comfort of the wig to the greatest extent. From the design point of view, the shape of this hair cap can wrap the head well, so that the wig is not bloated in appearance, and it is safe and not easy to slip.

C-shape ear design

In order to meet the needs of all female customers, for women wearing wigs, we designed C-shape ear design pre-cut lace wig, which can make the ear more comfortable, and will not be blocked by the wig cap, and also solve the pressure of women wearing glasses.

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