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1b Vs 2 Hair Color: Which One is Best for You?

Sep 08,2023 | OhMyPretty

1b vs 2 hair color, you must be very curious to know the difference between them, these two colors of wigs are not only difficult to distinguish in numbers, but also need you to carefully distinguish in color.

What color is 1b hair color

The “B” in “1B” stands for “black” and the “1” indicates it's the first natural shade of black. Therefore, 1B is the second darkest hair color. 1B is darker and softer than hair color 1 and looks more natural than jet black hair. It is a soft shade that is perfect for women with naturally dark hair.

Is 1b jet black?

The answer is no. The jet black is the wig in 1 hair color. Jet black is the deepest black, and there is no darker color than it in colored numbers. 1b hair color will be one shade lighter than jet black.

Is 1b darker than 1?

The answer is no. 1 hair color is also called jet black, which is the darkest and deepest black, and 1b hair color is also called off-black, which is black as deep as natural black. The 1 hair color is black, which is not natural and is not suitable for natural wigs. 1b color hair is lighter than 1 hair color, which can achieve a natural effect. So, 1 hair color is darker than hair 1b color.

What color is 2 hair color

Color 2 hair is dark brown. In contrast to 1, 1B hair color, 2 is dark brown. From a distance it looks black, but up close you can see a subtle brown tint. One of the most natural dark shades, he has a warmth not found in true black.

1b vs 2 hair color, what’s the difference?

Degree of depth: 1b has dark hair. 1b has natural black hair and 2 has the darkest brown, so 1b is darker. However, this may not be immediately apparent. 1b vs 2 hair color, the color is a dark and a light, but also different shades, can meet a variety of needs. If you want to buy a curly wig, 1b hair color will be very natural.

1 hair color is called natural color, and hair has never been bleached or dyed. The products produced by the unified integration of such raw materials are collectively referred to as natural colors.

Customers can carry out bleaching and dyeing at will, the bleaching and dyeing effect will be better. The factory will collect a variety of colors of raw materials, unified through dyeing treatment, dyeing into a close to natural color, this process is called: color pressing. This color looks close to natural. Hair quality and bleaching effect is not as good as natural color. And natural colors are more expensive than black hair.

1b hair color vs 2, which one is best for you?

1. Match your natural hair color: Stand in the sun and check your hair color. You can ask your friends to help you find it. If your hair is really black, choose color 1b hair color. If you have dark hair with a touch of brown or yellow in it, #2 hair color is the best choice. If you choose a color that is close to your natural hair, the wig will conform quickly to your body, otherwise it will look strange.

2. Prefer untreated natural hair: Untreated hair has the best hair quality. Please note that dyeing your hair regularly will reduce the quality of your hair. 1b color hair is naturally black, so it's highly unlikely that it's been treated. So, if you can choose between 1b and 2 hair colors, choosing 1b is healthier. Compared to other colored wigs, these two colors are very natural and everyday colors.

3. Hair texture: If you want to lighten your hair, hair color 1b may be better. If you want thicker hair, you may want to choose 2 hair colors.

4. Match the skin tone to your preferred final look: If you have dark skin, any color is fine, but light-skinned girls tend to look better with lighter hair. Dark colors can help improve your temperament, and lighter colors can complement your skin tone. A moderate combination of hair colors 1b and 2 gives a very good effect.

Final words


1b vs 2 hair color, have you picked out the best one for you? In fact, it is very simple, if you want a dark color, choose 1b, if you want a slightly lighter color, choose 2, in fact, the difference between the two colors is not big, only in the sun to distinguish more obvious.