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How many packs of hair for jumbo knotless braids?

Sep 11,2023 | OhMyPretty


Jumbo knotless braids are a hairstyle that is gradually gaining popularity. Compared with the traditional hairstyle, this kind of braid can protect your natural hair well, and it is also beautiful and is loved by many girls.

What are jumbo knotless braids?

This is a protective hairstyle that uses your natural hair and hair extensions to make the bride on your head. This look requires fewer braids and reduces tension on your scalp. Therefore, jumbo knotless braids are a great opportunity to protect your natural hair while providing your clients with a cool, easy-to-wear style.

The key factor in achieving the desired look of these braids is to make sure that the roots of the braids are very smooth and have no knots. This creates a polished, well-maintained look. Additionally, braids should start at the bottom center of each section to ensure a stable and consistent look.

How many packs of hair for jumbo knotless braids?

The amount of hair you need will depend on factors such as your desired braid thickness, hair length, and personal preference. For large knotless braids, we recommend preparing at least 5-6 packs of braids, but you may need more or fewer depending on your specific needs. there is. It is better to leave excess hair so that it does not fall out when braiding.

Braid thickness:

If you want thicker, larger braids, you will undoubtedly need more human hair. If you already have very little hair and want to make a larger braid, you must buy 5-6 packs of hair. You can add all of them to your head, or you can have more as appropriate.

In general, you need to braid 9 to 20 or so braids on the head, if you are going to braid 9 oversized braids, 2 braids will need about 1 pack of hair, so you prepare 5-6 packs is the most appropriate.

Hair length:

The longer you want your hair to be, the more packs you need. If you want short hair, just like the length of a bob wig, you can cut it in half and reduce the amount of hair you need accordingly, and in this situation, you only need to buy 1-4 packs of hair extensions.

If you're going for a long wig look, you'll need a lot of hair. Because big, long braids are very taxing on the hair. Because braided hair greatly reduces the volume of hair, it can make hair look small. So jumbo big jumbo knotless braids require more hair.

Personal preference:

And the most important thing is that depending on your own preferences, maybe you are a person who has a lot of hair, and you want to make your hair look less, then you can reduce some hair. If you are sad about your thinning hair, buy extra packets of hair to increase the volume of your hair.

What are the benefits of jumbo knotless braids?

Large knotless braids are popular among those who want to protect their style without putting too much stress on their scalps, as they offer a more comfortable, versatile, and natural braiding option. Huge braids without knots have several advantages:


1. Reduce tension: Unlike traditional box knot braids that have a knot at the bottom, the giant knotless braid has no knots. This reduces tension on the scalp, making it a gentle option for people with sensitive scalps or who find braids too tight and uncomfortable.

2. Faster Installation: Because large knotless braids have no knots, the installation process is often faster than traditional box braids. The lack of knots eliminates the step of securing hair with knots, making braiding a faster and more efficient method.

3. Styling Versatility: Huge knotless braids allow for a wide range of styling options. You can try different updos, ponytails, half-pull hairstyles, or loose hairstyles. It's versatile and allows you to try out different looks while protecting your natural hair. You can also dye the hair extensions and add them to your hair to make an ombre hairstyle. If you don’t want to try a colored wig, this is a good option.

4. Natural look: Large braids without knots are more similar to the look of natural hair. It lies flat on the scalp and seamlessly transitions from braided to straight hair for a more natural and realistic look.

Final words



Jumbo knotless braids are a hairstyle with no knots on the hair ends, which can’t cause harm to your hair and scalp, and at the same time, it can protect the hair from harm to the air, very suitable for our daily life.