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Dark brown hair vs black hair: which one looks better on me

Sep 28,2023 | OhMyPretty


Dark brown hair is a low-key color wig, and black hair is the closest wig color to our natural hair. Dark brown hair vs. black hair, the choice of these two hair colors has been a source of confusion, how to choose the most suitable wig color for us? Let's read on.

Dark brown hair vs black hair: how to choose?

Dark brown hair vs black hair, which one looks better on you? It depends on many factors, such as skin tone, daily style, work life, and so on. Our general rule of hair color is to choose the same hue. The same color can help us weaken the blemishes on the face and can make our appearance look more coordinated and more delicate. Opposite shades tend to highlight flaws. If you're choosing between dark brown and black, you'd better refer to the following factors:


1. Figuring out your skin tone

As with the selection of powder color number, according to the skin's cold and warm tone the selection of hair color is also an entry-level method. Here are three easy ways to determine your skin tone:

- Method 1: Stretch out your arm and observe the color of the blood vessels at your wrist, you can clearly see that it is cyan, then you have warm skin, warm skin people are better for black hair. If the blood vessels you see are blue, then you have cool skin, which is more suitable for brown or light wig colors.

- Method 2: Apply lipstick without makeup. Alternate shades of orange and rose lipstick to see which looks whiter on your face. If orange lipstick is better for you, then you have warm skin and black hair is better for you. If you look better in rose, then you have cool skin, which is better for dark brown wigs.

- Method 3: Take a selfie against a white wall, cut out the profile picture, change the background to blue and orange respectively, and see which blemishes such as pimples, redness, stains, etc., are more visible in the background. If blue is more obvious, it proves that you are warm-skinned and suitable for black wigs. On the other hand, if the orange color is more obvious, it proves that you have cold skin, suitable for dark brown wigs.

2. Consider your workplace

Before dyeing your hair, consider a very practical question: Does your company have any requirements for hair style and color? After all, dyeing your hair will last a long time, and the requirements of different companies are different. For the general workplace, black and dark brown are more suitable for the workplace and can be considered a more low-key formal hair color.

If the nature of your work is more formal and serious, your hair color, of course, the more low-key the better, colorful hair is not suitable for formal occasions. But if your job is not strict about hair color, you can certainly choose a wig that highlights your personal characteristics.

3. The length of hair you want

We often say that long hair is recommended in dark colors, such as black, and short hair can be added with bright colors, such as dark brown, light brown, or other colored wigs. It's not just about clothes, it's also about hair color. For those of you who want to cut your hair short, I suggest you synchronize your colors.

Short black hair can look old without any styling or color changes. Short hair itself wants to create a sense of lightness, but dark hair will weaken this lightness, making your hair look thick and rigid.

4. The hairstyle you want is curly or straight

In life, curly hair is mostly black, and straight hair is mostly dyed dark brown or light. One is because the lighter the hair color, the more obvious the volume, easy to exaggerate, not daily. Light hair has high requirements for skin color and facial features, and light hair color is still more suitable for parties, stages, and other occasions. Second, because curly hair comes with gentle attributes and light hair color highlights "personality", the two have a sense of conflict from temperament. To maximize style, you tend to pair curly hair with sweet, natural colors and straight hair with cool colors.

5. Are your clothes more neutral or more colorful

And when you change your hair color, think about what you're going to wear next. If your wardrobe is more black, white, and gray, the range of options is relatively large, basically black or dark brown can be matched.

If there are cooler light-colored clothes, you can choose dark brown hair, and the overall color will not be too different.

Why choose black hair color?


Black is the color closest to our natural hair, and if you want to wear a wig to improve it just because of hair health issues or hairstyle issues, then simply choose the black that is closest to your natural hair. Black can help us improve the texture of your hair and make your hair look black and shiny. Black is also a versatile color, and you can make your whole look coordinated without having to match your clothes and accessories.

Why choose dark brown hair color?


In contrast, dark brown hair feels less heavy and will make the hair appear layered and fashionable than black. Hair color should be based on age, face shape, and hairstyle choice, and cannot be generalized, but the current popular brown. Whether your hair color was born naturally or has been artificially changed, you must stay true to your primary color when choosing a new hair color, based on the hue of your original hair color. Professional hairdressers recommend that no matter it is dark or light, it should not be more than two sizes from the original hair color, otherwise it will be too exaggerated.

Dark brown hair vs black hair: Which one is better?

Dark brown hair vs black hair are two similar colors and it is hard to say which color is better. The good or bad color depends on your daily style, skin tone, living habits, and so on. You cannot simply look at what color others wear and choose your own wig color, everyone's suitable color is different, you must make a choice according to the above-mentioned method of choosing a wig color.

Final words

When you choose between dark brown hair vs black hair, the first thing to consider is your appearance factors and life factors, according to the right way to choose your hair color, whether it is black or dark brown.

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