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How to Revive an Old Curly Wig

Jun 28,2023 | OhMyPretty


You may also be wondering why other people's wigs are still in perfect condition after years of use, while yours are a mess. On the one hand, it comes from the method of care, on the other hand, it may be related to the method of storage. Today, I bring you a question that everyone who wears wigs is concerned about: How to get my messy wig back in shape?

Can an old wig renew?

Don't throw away your wig just because it's a mess. After treatment, a mess can be as good as new. Whether your newly bought wig has a knotting problem, or the wig has become knotted and frizzy after use. These problems are all manageable, and it only takes you less than an hour to get a new wig.

If you buy a straight wig, it is basically no knot problem, as long as the normal daily maintenance and care, it will not be broken. But curly wig is different. Curly hair is not flexible, so it is easy to tie during wearing or storage. The smaller the curl, the easier it is to tie, such as kinky curly. We need to be extra careful when dealing with this kind of hair because violent knotting can cause a lot of hair shedding.

If you buy a new wig, in the factory or transportation process caused some knot problems, resulting in the wig showing the effect not perfect, you can also follow the following steps to operate, the difference between them is that the new wig may be easier to deal with.


How to revive an old curly wig in 5 steps

Step 1: Boil the water

Heat a pot of hot water for washing and soaking the wig. Usually when cleaning wigs, we recommend using cool water or warm water, which can better protect the original shape of the wig, because high temperature may change the wig's shape. But long-knotted and frizzy wigs have become stiff, lose moisture, and may have stubborn stains, so they must be soaked in boiling water.

If you do not soak the wig first, directly opening the knot, may lead to a large number of wig loss or broken hair. Soaking in hot water first can soften the effect, making the wig easier to handle in high temperatures and wet environments.

Step 2: Prepare the water

Pour a large amount of conditioner into the wash basin, then add enough hot water, mix well and evenly, ready to soak and clean the knotted wig.

This step is also in order to better protect the wig, mixing evenly in advance can avoid vigorously rubbing, and putting the wig into water can fully integrate with the conditioner. A lot of conditioners are put in to make the wig smoother and easier to untie.

Step 3: Immersion wig

Put the wig in the water and let it soak for 20 minutes to fully absorb the conditioner and moisture.

Make sure that the wig is fully immersed in the water, the conditioner needs a certain amount of time to integrate with the hair, so you must wait 20 minutes before the next step, otherwise, it will not achieve the desired

Step 4: Rinse the hair

After the wig soak enough, you can gently wash the wig, while washing, comb the knot with a wide-tooth comb, and then deal with the temporary comb for a while, and then clean the wig.

Hair is better knotted in the presence of water, and hair can be treated in the process. Always make sure that the wig is fully washed and that no conditioner remains in the hair.

Step 5: Detangling

Use a wide tooth comb to open the knot, do not use too much force in the process of opening the knot, you can divide the hair, little by little combing, after hot water and conditioner soaking, the knot should be very easy.

Step 6: Air dry

Do not use a hair dryer after the completion of the treatment, put it in the air to dry naturally, so that it will not destroy the curvature of the wig, but also not easy to make the wig knot.


Tips for avoiding wig tangles

Safe Storage

Storage is the most important step in wig care, no matter how well you care for the wig, if not stored in the appropriate and safe location, it is easy to knot. After wearing the wig every day, you can wrap the wig with a hair net and then put it in a place that is not easy to touch, which can effectively avoid tangling the hair due to friction.

Daily Care

You can do hair care after every time you wear a wig, apply some lubricating oils, and then unclog the hair and store it.

Clean in Time

If you find that the wig is very dry, easily knotted, and becomes dry and frizzy, it's probably time for a clean. Cleaning your wig in time will help keep your hair supple and shiny for a long time, as well as avoid tangles.


Final words

If you are having trouble with knots in your wig, try following the steps above and you will have a wig that is as good as new. In fact, the wig knot problem is very common, just like our hair will be knotted, as long as you are patient to deal with, it will become better.