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What does Pre-plucked Wig Mean

Jun 26,2023 | OhMyPretty


The word "pre-plucked" may be unfamiliar to wig beginners, but anyone who has ever worn a wig knows how important a technique pre-plucked is. It will directly affect whether the wearing effect of the wig is real or not, and it can also make the wearing process of your wig much easier.

What does pre plucked wig mean

Pre-plucking refers to the hairline of the wig after plucking treatment, having a natural hairline from dense to sparse like the human scalp. Actually, pre-plucking is not as easy as you might think. You can go to the market comparison, the wig made by different wig manufacturers must be different, depending on whether your technology is advanced, whether you invest a lot of time and money in it, whether you ask a professional hair stylist to do the design.


About the appearance

Pre-plucked wigs will have a very natural hairline. Although our wig’s hair is artificially attached to the lace one by one, the density of the hairline is difficult for workers to control. Generally speaking, hair extraction is a process after the wig is made, and the hair that was originally attached to the lace is pulled out of the excess hair according to the density of the human scalp so that the hairline of the wig and the human hairline is fitter.

About the technique

Our wigs are all improved again and again by professional hairstylists according to the needs of consumers and the perfection of the appearance of wigs, and finally determined, our hair extraction technology can be said to be the best on the market, and it is the quality that you will definitely buy back once. This process is no way to machine production, only manual production one by one, so the complexity of the operation and time cost are very high, but our wig is not you cannot afford the price, in terms of quality and price, we have reached the highest cost-effective.

What are our advantages over other wigs

The advantage of our wigs is that we can achieve the most natural and realistic plucking effect on the market, making the wigs more delicate and realistic. The raw materials we use are of the highest quality and can give you the most comfortable experience.

Our products are strictly checked by the public, many times to accept customer feedback, active improvement, and finally formed our best and most realistic hair pulling wig, by the majority of women like, which is why our wig is very popular.


Do wigs come pre-plucked

All ohmypretty wigs are pre-plucked and our aim is to provide consumers with the most comfortable and convenient experience. All wigs are artificially plucked and will never be handed semi-finished products over to customers.

Do pre plucked wigs come pre-styled

Our wig is pre-styled, whether it is the hair seam, hairline, or hair, have done exquisite treatment, you can directly wear it after you get the hand. In the hair seam, we will use a professional hot comb to flatten the hair and separate the natural hair seam, the hair seam is in the middle by default, you can also handle it according to your own preferences. Ohmypretty HD lace wigs that are plucked and bleached can give you the most invisible and amazing wearing effect.

You can rest assured to buy our wig, I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the moment of the wig, our production process and level, as well as the materials used in the production of wigs, can guarantee that it is the best, you can not only get a good-looking wig but also get the most comfortable experience. We have any textures you want, whether it is the super-hot and classic water wave or the versatile straight wig, we will help you to do it in advance of the factory, the effect is just like the barber's hair, not so rough that people cannot wear.

What kind of wig looks most natural


If you want a wig to be natural, first of all, the wig must be pre-plucked, which is a crucial point whether the wig is real or not. If the wig is not plucked, then you need to operate this process yourself, then pulling more will directly destroy the entire wig, pulling less will be very false, and the uneven pulling will also very affect the visual effect of the wig. So, pre-plucking must be the most important point.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, a pre-cut lace wig is a very natural and suitable wig for beginners. You don't need to pluck or trim the lace, which greatly reduces the cost of trial and error.

Final words

Now you know the importance of pre-plucking and why ohmypretty wigs are so popular with consumers, where you can buy the best quality wigs at an affordable price and easily help you create a stylish look.