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Flock of Seagulls Hair Style: What is it and How to Get This Hairstyle

Sep 26,2023 | OhMyPretty

The flock of seagulls hair style is the iconic "Flock of Seagulls" band of the 80s. Once this hairstyle received a lot of attention in the 80s, and became the focus of the fashion and music industry at the time.

What is flock of seagulls hair style

Flock of seagulls hair style is a hairstyle that resembles seagulls in appearance. Its hair is usually blonde or blue in color, with the sides of the hair standing up, the back of the sides shaved, and then a long, large fringe in front of the forehead that covers or stays around the eyes. In appearance, the long bangs look just like the wings of a seagull, so this hairstyle is called flock of seagulls hair.

For now, flock seagulls hair is not often copied because it does look a bit cumbersome and requires you to have longer hair, but if you want to feel nostalgic and try the classic hairstyle of the 80s, it is still worth a try.

How to get a flock of seagulls hair?

The flock of seagulls haircut is relatively easy to come by, and if you have long enough hair, a few simple tools, and a little time, you can get this 80s classic look. Here are the detailed steps to make a flock of seaguls haircut.

  1. Find the right hair length: The key to a Gulf Flake haircut is to keep the hair long on the top of the head and short on the sides and back of the head. You can also grow your hair long or use extensions to make your hair longer.
  2. Moisturizes your hair and gives it volume. To achieve a characteristic volumizing effect, you need to apply a volumizing mousse or spray to damp hair. Apply evenly to the roots of your hair and dry with a hair dryer in lifting motions.
  3. Trim the sides and back of your hair: Use clippers or scissors to trim the sides and back of your hair short. If your hair is the right length, you don't need to cut it. A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is the contrast between a long crown and short sides.
  4. Style your part: Place your long hair in a part and brush it in front. Lightly curl your hair with a curling iron or curling iron to create a unique curve. You can also add volume by brushing your hair from the roots.
  5. Use hairspray. Use a strong hairspray to help the strands stay in place. Spray on hair, focusing on areas that need styling, such as the top.

If you want to get this look but don't want to cut off your own hair, or if you don't have enough length, you can purchase flock of seagulls wig to create this retro look. In general, a Bob wig is sufficient, it is long enough for you to have flock of seagulls hair, and you can style it casually without making any changes to your own hair.

3 Flock of Seagulls Hair Inspired Haircuts That Work in 2023

If you're from that era, you're sure to have a lot of nostalgia, so make a flock of seagulls hairstyles that will give you some 80s experience. But if you don't want to go all the way back with the same look, there are plenty of other hairstyles you can choose from. These are flock of seagulls hairstyles for a more natural, current look.

1. Subtle flock of seagulls hairstyle

You can keep your style in general, and then make small changes to give your style a flock of seagulls. You can keep the sides of your hair short and then use hairspray to naturally comb the sides up, you don't have to make the hair very fluffy like the original, which is not very suitable for everyday, you just need to create a similar look. Then grow out the middle section of your hair and brush it horizontally from left to right to create a natural arc.

2. Winged haircut flock of seagulls hairstyle

This is a more gentleman style, very suitable to match the suit, such a hairstyle is not too serious, but also some playful, very suitable for elegant gentleman men. If you have long hair, it will look very messy and messy, like a sloppy person, and this style will allow you to retain the casual while adding a sense of discipline.

3. Messy style

This is the hairstyle that most young men like nowadays. It is fashionable and easy to take care of. The hair is not very long, no other tools or complicated techniques are needed, just comb the hair neatly. Instead of keeping the sides of the hair, this hairstyle chooses to kick the sides off, creating a clean and crisp look.

Final words

The flock of seagulls hair style is a classic from the 80s. If you're looking for a retro look, try using OhMyPretty real human hair to make your hairstyle even more dramatic.

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